Data Connection Software


Data can be transferred to and from the UperGrafx via a USB cable. Data that can be transferred includes: screenshots, save data, VSync adjustments, and firmware updates.
The data transfer software requires Microsoft Windows.

Download (UperGrafx Control Panel version 1.9, software for Microsoft Windows)
This program includes functions for both CD image transfers and all other types of data transfers.
Even though a different link is provided in the CD image transfer section of the website, the contents are the same.

Installing the UperGrafx Control Panel

Extract the zip file posted above.
  • Run the ikaebi.exe program after extracting it. This program doesn't require administrator privileges in order to do file transfers.
    • approx.exe is a sub-program used from within the ikaebi.exe program.
  • the approx.exe program is under the GPL, so the source code is available.
  • If you get an "unknown device" message, please install the FTDI drivers that are appropriate for your OS. (external website) Virtual COM Port Drivers (FTDI website)
  • Please check the Device Manager to see which COM port corresponds to the UperGrafx (ex. COM3).
    • Please enter the specific COM port into the appropriate field in the ikaebi.exe program window.
  • If you don't know how to find and navigate the Device Manager, please check this guide. (external website) Configuring Windows USB Virtual COM Ports
  • If there is more than one COM port and you do not know which port to use, connect the UperGrafx to your PCE, and then to your PC with a USB cable. As you turn the PCE's power on and off, the corresponding COM port will then appear and disappear.

Transfer Timing

  • Transferring to and from both the UperGrafx and PCE is possible whenever they are both powered on and connected to each other.
  • Transferring may not work correctly while the CD-ROM2 functionality is actively being used.

page: com.main

The following functions can be accessed on this window:
  • Frame Buffer Management
  • Save Data Management
  • Reset
  • VSync Correction

Frame Buffer

Screen shots can be captured and then saved in PNG format.

Save Path

Here you can specify where you wish to save the PNG screen shots.


  • This option captures the framebuffer data. The DVI output is temporarily disabled while the data is being captured (does not affect the PCE system itself).
  • Click the download button the moment the scene you wish to capture appears on the PCE screen.
  • When the png file is saved, the filename of the first screenshot in the save folder is set to "0000.png" by default, and counts up from there.

Show Buffer

Displays the framebuffer data at a 1:1 pixel ratio.

Show Screen

Displays the portion of the display area that actually contains data, and scales it up to 720p.

The portion of the display area that contains no data shows up as semi-transparent.

Save Data

Image File

  • Specify the file name when saving or reading saved data.
  • If left blank, the default save location will be set to the folder in which ikaebi.exe was launched from.
  • The 2048 byte save data contained within the back-up RAM can be easily converted into RAM images for use with emulators.

RAM Page

Here you can choose which of the three save data areas inside the UperGrafx to use.


This option transfers the saved data inside the UperGrafx to a PC. The PC Engine will reset once the transfer is complete.
If a save file with the same name already exists on the PC, it will be overwritten.


This option transfers the saved data on a PC into the UperGrafx. The PC Engine will reset once the transfer is complete.
If a save file with the same name already exists on the UperGrafx, it will be overwritten.

Misc. Info


  • Here you can adjust the VSync frequency. -> Vsync Correction
  • For those who want to use original Vsync Frequency Mode, you should first change the Vsync setting on your PC engine in order to minimize VSync misalignment. By clicking on "calibration start", you can make adjustments by measuring 801 frames.

Reset PCE

Activates the reset pin on the PC Engine to reset the system.

Page: com.sub

UperGrafx Updater

Installs system data updates that fix various bugs.
Please see the system data Update page (内部データ更新 / System Data Update) for more details.

ROM Dumper

Transfers ROM Images between the PCE and a PC.
Please see the ROM Image Transfer page (ROMイメージ転送) for more details.

Page: Formatter, Writer, Image List

These pages are unrelated to this Data Transfer software. Please see the CD Image Transfer Software page (CD image tranferer software) for more details.