1. Prepare the PC Engine.
  2. Connect the AC adapter to PC Engine. (If needed you can leave the AV or RF as-is)
  3. Connect the UperGrafx to the EXTBUS connector. (Warning: Push it in slowly and carefully, do not force it.)
  4. Connect your display to the DVI connector.

Playing Games

  1. Insert the HuCard into the PC Engine.
  2. Turn on the power.
  3. The game plays just like it would on a normal PC Engine.


  1. Remove any HuCard from the PC Engine.
  2. Turn on the power.
  3. The settings menu will appear. 
  4. Detailed descriptions of the settings can be found on the Settings Menu page.

Data Transfer

  1. Connect the UpserGrafx to your PC using the USB connector.
  2. Install the FTDI driver and UperGrafx software to your PC.
  3. Start the UperGrafx software.
  4. For more details refer to the software page.
The data transfer functionality is only used to download data. If you just want to play games it is not essential.