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Product overview

The UperGrafx gives your PC Engine 720p video output just by attaching it to the EXTBUS connector* on the rear of your machine.
It also allows you to transfer save game data to your PC.

*Note: DUO series machines do not have an EXTBUS connector.

UperGrafx unit:

PC Engine with UperGrafx attached

Video of the UperGrafx in action:
Screenshot captured using a HDMI capture device: (Not from an Emulator)

100% Digital video, works with HDMI

The UperGrafx captures the PC Engine video before any analogue processing has occurred, allowing you to enjoy the best possible video quality.
You can also use it with HDMI equipped displays if you have a standard DVI-D to HDMI adapter.

Plug and play! Works without modification to your PC Engine.

Until now, getting high quality video from the PC Engine required internal modifications or hard-to-get parts. The UperGrafx just plugs in!

Retains the feeling of playing on the real hardware with a maximum of 1 frame of lag.

When playing on an emulator you can experience input lag among other problems. The UperGrafx takes the video signals from a real PC Engine and gives you a high quality low latency video output.

Product Details

  • Name: uupaagurafikusu (Japanese) / UperGrafx (English)
    • model: UGX-02 (new model, supported HuCard games and compatible CD-ROM2 system)
      • Price: 41,648 JPY (tax out)
      • Release Date: 29 of Jan 2018
    • model: UGX-01 (sold out)
      • Price: 35,800 JPY (tax out)
      • Release Date: 26 of August 2016