Game specific issues

Game specific issues

  • HuCards that require hardware aside from the backup memory have not been tested. This includes the CD-ROM2 System Cards.
  • Flickering and artefacts that are also present on the analog output are considered to be faithful to the original.
  • With the analog output the video is cropped by the display which hides some unsightly areas that sometimes appear at the top and bottom of the screen. Because these areas are also visible with RGB output this is considered faithful to the original.
  • Games that are not listed here have no known issues.

Issues when using either VSync Frequency 60.00 Hz Mode or Original Mode

The color changes at the left and right sides of the area containing the PC Engine video.

There is no problem with the game area of the screen.
  • Legend of Hero Tonma (レジェンド・オブ・ヒーロー・トンマ)

Issues when using VSync Frequency Original Mode

  • The PC Engine has registers to change the vertical sync frequency. This doesn't present a problem for the analog output but for the 720p output when the frequency changes the video signal has to be reinitialized.
  • When the video signal is reinitialized the display will stop temporarily. The time taken for the display to come back differs between monitors.
  • When using VSync Frequency 60.00 Hz mode these issues do not occur.

Games that change the vertical refresh frequency when the aspect ratio is changed in the settings screen.

These games will temporarily not display after changing settings.
  • 1943 Kai (1943改)
  • Burning Angels(バーニングエンジェル)

Games that re-initialize the video after being reset with RUN+SELECT

These games with temporarily not display after being reset. This happens when the game initializes and writes two different values to the corresponding registers.
  • Aero Blasters (エアロブラスターズ)
  • Märchen Maze (メルヘンメイズ)
  • Cadash (カダッシュ)
  • Darius Plus (ダライアス・プラス)
  • Hit the Ice - VHL - The Official Video Hockey League (ヒット ジ アイス)
  • Fantasy Zone (ファンタジーゾーン)
  • Gomola Speed (ゴモラスピード)
  • Toshi Tensou Keikaku - Eternal City (都市転送計画 エターナルシティ)
  • Gaia no Monshou (ガイアの紋章)
  • Genji Tsuushin Agedama (ゲンジ通信 あげだま)
  • AV porker  (AVポーカー)
  • Bodycon Quest II (ボディコンクエストII)
  • Strip Figher II (ストリップファイターII)

Games that change the vertical sync frequency at different scenes during the game.

These games will temporarily not display when the scene changes. If the vertical sync frequency isn't the same as at reset the display will be lost temporarily when the game is reset.
  •  Champion Wrestler (チャンピオン・レスラー)
  • Winning Shot (ウィニングショット)
  • Atomic Robo-kid Special (アトミックロボキッド スペシャル)
  • Spiral Wave (スパイラルウェーブ)
  • Stratego (ストラテゴ)
  • Makai Hakken Den Shada (魔界八犬伝 シャダ)
  • Morita Shougi PC (森田将棋PC)
  • Hanafuda Funclub (花札ファンクラブ)