Q1.How many frames of lag are there?

A1. At most 1 frame. Unlike recent consoles and emulators it's not enough to become a problem.
  • When the vertical sync frequency is 60Hz the minimum lag is 0 frames. The lag will slowly increase to up to 1 frame every 6 seconds.
  • When the vertical sync frequency matches the PC Engine the lag has been calculated to be half of a frame. The price of this is that sometimes there will be a small amount of tearing.

Q2.Is 1080p or 480p possible?

A2. 720p is the closest match for the PC Engine and results in the best image quality.
1080p would require borders to fill the excess pixels. 480p doesn't have enough pixels. Support for 1080p is being considered but we're unsure how to best make the aspect ratios match.

Q3.Is it possible to install on a DUO internally?

A3. There are around 60 connections that would need to be made so it's not really feasible.
The lines that are required are all over the PCB and on the legs of fine pitch components. We think the possibility of successfully installing it would be very low.

Q4.The way it stands up looks bad.

A4. Initially the plan was to have the unit laying down. Unfortunately it wasn't possible to get the required connectors so the only option was to have it standing up.

Q5.The borders are the sides of the screen are annoying.

A5. You can change the borders in the settings.
The advertising borders were for doing product demos, the final product will not have them.

Q6.Why not use a HDMI connector?

A6. HDMI certification is expensive and the signal being output isn't strictly HDMI compliant.

Q7.Does it work with a CD-ROM2?

A7. UGX-02 is supported CD-ROM2 system. The compatible CD-ROM2 System uses CD images in the MMC/SDC. You need required SystemCard by CD-ROM2 softwares.  Please check a description written in Japanese.