Supported Consoles

Only consoles with an EXTBUS connector are supported.

Recommended Consoles

  • PC Engine (White case)
  • CoreGrafx (Grey case, blue writing)
  • CoreGrafx II (Grey case, red writing)

Consoles that will be supported in the future.

  • TurboGrafx-16 (North America. We have been told that it works but has not been tested in detail)

Unrecommended Consoles

  • PC Engine LT (There are no problems with the video output but it's difficult to physically connect the UperGrafx)
  • SuperGrafx (The extended graphics functionality is not present on the output)

Unsupported Consoles

  • PC Engine DUO Series
  • PC Engine Shuttle
  • PC Engine GT
  • (その他記載にないものは未確認または非対応です)