How to setup CD-ROM2 system

3 Step Process.
  • Making a CD image from optical disc drive on the Personal Computer
  • Writing CD images to the Memory Card
  • Switching CD images on the PC Engine

Making a CD image

Required items

  • HE System CD-ROM2 discs
  • PC with a CD-ROM drive.
  • CD Manipulator - Disc imaging software


  1. Download CD Manipulator (external link), run CdManipulator.exe
  2. Insert CD into the disc drive.
  3. Select "Read from CD to image file"
  4. Configure the following options. If this isn't done, CD Manipulator might create unusable images.
    • UNcheck "Analyze Pregap"
    • UNcheck "Analyze Sub Code (Get Accurately TOC)
    • Check "ignore Read Errors"
UperGrafx uses .cdm .img and .sub files. The writing function is not used for the purpose of creating images.

Writing CD images to the Memory Card

See the instructions here → CD image transfer software

Switching CD images on the PC Engine

Required items

  • A PC Engine console 
  • Designated System Cards for use with the CD games (We do not support Arcade Card Duo. However we will support Arcade Card DUO as definitive functions. We support Games Express CD Card as partial)
  • A memory card with CD images installed.
  • An UperGrafx, which functions as a CD-ROM2 system.


  1. Insert and connect the required items. Turn on the power.
  2. Press the run button, on the "PRESS RUN BUTTON" screen (#1).
  3. System Card runs the Audio CD player on the first read disc.
  4. The Audio CD player shows an audio CD which has the same amount of tracks as the number of installed CD images.
  5. Play the audio tracks. Each audio track is 5 minutes long.
  6. Choose the same track number as the CD image required. (If you want to switch to image #10, play track #10)
  7. Press SELECT + RUN buttons when the audio player plays a target track number.
  8. PCE shows the "PRESS RUN BUTTON" screen again. Press the RUN button again.
  9. UperGrafx switches the target CD image.

Force Audio CD mode

  • When a target disc is selected while paused (not playing). The target disc image is loaded as a pure audio disc. 
  • UperGrafx plays no audio for data tracks. Some audio tracks say "DO NOT PLAY DATA TRACKS on an AUDIO CD player". This is not a problem for the UperGrafx.

Supplementary note

  • When you reset the PCE by pressing SELECT+RUN buttons on the target disc image, Operation Sequence back to #1.
  • Press turn on again, some CD-ROM2 software does not accept the SELECT + RUN button combination.