CD image transferer software

Download (UperGrafx Control Panel version 1.9, for Microsoft Windows)
UperGrafx Control Panel is a combined CD image transfer and communicator application. Newer versions follow the same link format (

Required Items

  • ikaebi.exe
  • CD image files
  • MMC or MMC-compatible memory card (Wifi enabled memory cards are not supported)
  • Administrator rights for the memory card (ikaebi.exe operates direct disk access without filesystem)

Description for the software

  • It operates with a memory card inserted into a reader connected to a PC.
  • It cannot operate indirectly with a memory card inserted into the UperGrafx.
  • The PC interacts with the USB connection as if it were a serial port. 
  • The PC does not treat the USB connection like a USB storage device.


  • Formats a memory card to create a raw partition. The UperGrafx uses a raw partition without a filesystem.
  • The formatter will erase all data on the target memory card.
  • DO NOT use a Wifi enabled memory card, because the raw partition does not have the filesystem, and it will become unreadable.
  • The drive letter list lists the removable disk drive letters. These drive letters refer to removable storage devices eg: CF, Memory Stick, Floppy and Zip. Please select the drive letter that corresponds to your MMC or MMC-compatible memory card.


  • imagefile: Enter a .cdm filename. The corresponding .img and .sub files need to be in the same directory.
  • name: Enter a name for the game. If empty the image filename will be used.
  • add: Appends the entered image into the list. You can use 'add' whenever the writer is transferring images.
  • start: Start transferring images.
  • help: Shows how to use the list.
The writer transfers .img and .sub data with no compression. The required capacity for the image files is the sum of the .img files, .sub files and management data (about 360 KiB).
The Writer generates a list file of images on the 2MiB Fat filesystem when the transfer is done.


  • read: Reads the memory card and lists the installed images.
  • (list): You can select and edit configuration for installed images.
    • To enter edit mode, select target image, press enter key or double-click.
    • To remove target image, hold the shift key and press delete key 3 times.
  • name: enter a new name.
  • restrict disc change: Disable disc switching after boot. Some software has issues with disc image switching. This check is needed these games:
    • HCD4063: World Heroes 2
    • ICCD1001: R-TYPE Complete CD
    • ICCD2002: Image Fight II
    • TICD6004: Virgin Dream
    • GED-1011: HI-LEG Fantasy
  • update: Update the configuration on the MMC or MMC-compatible card.

Supplementary notes for order of images

  • The order cannot be changed after creation because of the simple partition format.
  • You can remove the last image file. When you remove any other image, the software also removes all images after the selected image.
  • Image #0 (IMAGE INDEX) and Image #1 cannot be removed. If you need to do this, please format the memory card.

Supplementary notes for name of images

  • It is only used by the PC. The UperGrafx checks the name field.
  • Each name can use max 512 byte, the character encoding is UTF-8.

Supplementary notes for supported Compact Disc specification

  • UperGrafx supports HE system CD-ROM2 discs and pure audio discs.
  • Multi session, CD-TEXT and other such Compact Disc specifications are not supported.
  • CD+G is not currently supported. (the priority of supporting it is low)